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Hi Lorrie

Thanks for welcoming me into your cyber world.  I’ve brought a fresh pot of coffee and baileys for a treat.  I’m normally more of a tea fan.
Hi back at you, Heather. So glad you could make it today. Wow, thanks for the treat, although, like you, I'm more of a tea fan myself. Hmm. this is yummy. Ahem. Don't let me drink too much.
Speaking of treats, Halloween is just around the corner so let's wish our readers a happy one.
Now,tell us about the wonderful year you've had.

It’s been an incredible, euphoric year.  All four books in my saga are under contract with MuseitUp which is thrilling.
Natasha’s Dream launched in June - what a ride I had with that. My cover was actually completed and approved 10 days before the launch.  I had a few nightmares that I would launch without it.
Natasha’s Diary will launch in December.
Now that I know what to expect, it has been a smoother process, thank goodness.
Natasha’s Hope launches in March 2014
Natasha’s Legacy will conclude the saga, launching in June 2014

Wow, woman, you have been really pounding out those novels. What do you do in your spare time?

When I’m not writing and editing and doing all that other fun stuff, you’ll find me in the garden or at least around the property.  The weeds are nasty, they keep popping up, everywhere.


During the winter, hubby and I are both curlers.  We run a competitive league and I manage a league for our future curlers, working with a coaching team of 4 to teach 6-18 year olds.  Never a dull moment working with the younger generation, but it’s rewarding. 


Next year I hope to become more involved with a charity that is near and dear to my heart. Palliative care.  It isn’t exactly a topic people like to discuss.  My goal, To allow family members to step aside and become a friend and a companion during their loved ones last weeks, days and hours while professionals take on the role of care giver. I want those last memories to be of smiles and positive thoughts, not the stress.  A want those that are ill to leave this world with dignity.


Hubby and I enjoy travelling.  Throw a dart and I’m willing to go, almost. We’ve travelled most of Canada and a lot of the states, and had a ten day tour of Europe. We plan to cross the pond again for another holiday.  The bucket list includes Alaska and Australia, but we have to save our pennies for those.


That’s me. Ah, but I forgot to include my fluffball.  We own a twenty pound dog and have more non-domestic critters around the property than I can count.  I think our critter food costs us more than our grocery bill. We were privileged to have oriels this summer who ate their way through 23 jars of grape jelly.  Hubby was buying multiple jars at a time, and our neighbour, God bless her, came twice a day to fill the feeders while we vacationed.


As for my book. The Natasha Saga - It was actually inspired by a dream I had.  I couldn’t get the characters out of my mind so hubby suggested I write. Soooo, it’s all his fault. I wrote, he read and commented.  I did edits, he read and made more comments.  The book grew and grew and grew.  I’m fortunate to know him and even more fortunate to be married to him although I won’t tell him that. I live with him.  

My book has horses and carriages, it has a royal family and a non royal prince charming, but it’s not a fairytale. It has characters with heart and soul that like me, care about the well being of others.
I'm impressed, Heather. What a busy life you lead, yet you manage to write. And we all know how time consuming that is.
Let's show the cover of your first book now.

Blurb from Natasha’s Dream
Pleased he was not quite ready, she ran down the slope ahead of him. She
tripped in her haste, and was tumbling to the ground when something touched her foot. She extended her hand to cushion the landing and protect her upper body. Hands appeared by her side. Stewart’s hands. He was falling as well. His chest touched her back, but she didn’t notice his weight on her body. She couldn’t see anything but the slope of the earth. She had to get off her stomach. Natasha manoeuvred herself onto her back. Stewart’s face hovered directly above her. Her eyes locked on his sparkling blue eyes. She was shocked by the predicament she found herself in. His hands were close to her waist without touching her. Just when she thought things couldn’t get worse, Goldie’s snoopy little nose appeared, sniffing between her face and Stewart’s. It would be difficult for Stewart to move without touching her. The dog looked at her and then licked Stewart’s cheek.
Natasha giggled.
“Stop. Go lay down,” he begged the dog.
With one final motion, Goldie extended her tongue across Stewart’s cheek and onto his lips. Stewart closed his eyes and scrunched his nose. Natasha’s giggle intensified. The dog backed away, settling on the grass beside them. The dog placed her chin comfortably on her paws and sighed in contentment.
“How disgusting,” Stewart groaned, unable to wipe his face. “I have been
kissed by a dog.”
“I’ve also been kissed by your dog,” Natasha reminded him as she looked into his eyes.
“You must put me out of my misery and assure me you’re not hurt,” he
“I’m terribly embarrassed, but not hurt.”
“You say you’re embarrassed, yet I believe you tripped me to avoid a second loss. You intentionally put your foot out.”
About to defend herself, she saw the slight smirk on Stewart’s face. He was
“There’d be no need for such an attempt, sir. I would have won that race. You would have been left in a cloud of dust.”
Stewart’s face lit up. “What an impressive, optimistic opinion. The truth shall
be revealed shortly, I’m certain. I have no doubt I will defeat you the next time,” he responded with certainty.
Stewart’s eyes sparkled. She found him even more handsome than the day they met. With his warm breath on her face, Natasha was overcome by emotions she never knew existed. Her heart pounded. The sensation was so intense she was certain Stewart could see the thumping from her chest.

Blurb from Natasha’s Diary
“You’re a good girl,” he soothed, rubbing the horse’s neck. “We’re close.”
He was within a few hundred feet of the office. Relief turned to panic when he saw the smoke billowing from the fifteen hundred square foot one level building. It’s on fire! Poppa, Hank, and Thomas!
“Whoa,” he ordered. Stewart flung himself from the horse and quickly looped the rein around a fence post. He ran toward the building, yelling for his father. Nothing. There wasn’t a sound. I lost Natasha. I can’t lose Poppa. “Poppa!” he bellowed.
He ran past the shed. Three horses. They wouldn’t leave without their horses. They’re in the building. He darted toward the door, flinching as the heat shattered the windows. Stepping to the opening, visibility was worse than he expected. He could barely see a few feet ahead, but his father was somewhere inside. Stewart inhaled the fresh, moist air as deeply as his lungs would allow and stepped inside. He knew the building well. He and Thomas spent hours there, reviewing and adjusting calculations for accuracy. Four rooms. The front office, where the bookkeeper worked part-time, the meeting room where Hank sat with potential clients, Hank’s office, and then the warehouse where stock, supplies, and tools were kept. The men would be in one of the last two rooms.
Working his way forward, the thick smoke made it almost impossible to see. Stewart rushed past the reception area toward the meeting room, heedless of the danger. There was something on the floor. A piece of furniture? It was hard to tell. He bent down and felt around blindly. It wasn’t something, but someone. Still holding his breath, he was afraid to speak. His eyes itched and watered in the smoky atmosphere.

Natasha's Dream is available through my publisher MuseitUp Publishing    Kobo    Barnes & Noble  WHSmith and on iTunes 
Don't forget to rate it and write a review. As a new author, they are really important to me. 
They sound like exciting reads to me. I'll be trying them out soon.
We love comments, folks. Leave one for Heather to show her you were here.




  1. Hi Heather, good to find out more about you here. Your cover was worth the wait! Congratulations on all your hard work with the writing.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Helena - appreciate it.

  3. You had a great year, Heather. I know it was a lot of hard work and you deserve a big pat on the back. Congrats from me. And I just love those covers.

  4. Thanks Lorrie - I owe my thanks to my super supportive husband. Not a word of complaint when my computer became my constant companion. I'm looking forward to finishing the process and launching Diary, Hope and Legacy. : )

  5. I'm familiar with that close and personal relationship with my computer, but I also have a supportive husband. Welcome to the MuseItUp family of authors.

  6. thanks for stopping by Marva. Time to put away the coffee pot and get out the wine and cheese. Red or white?

  7. I get teased that I should have a laptop implant around here. Writing is a rewarding but difficult career, worth every ounce we put into it. May many readers enjoy your books.

  8. thanks Shawn. Yes, you're right. We do it because writing becomes a passion. Those able to make a living doing it are very fortunate.

  9. My goodness, you've been busy, Heather! Best of luck with all of your books.

  10. Thanks Heather. I love your new cover. You have my interest with that book.

  11. The birds ate grape jelly? I went back to read that again. I thought maybe the jars had bird food, but you seem to be saying they ate grape jelly! I'm blown away by that. And you do live a busy life. Congrats on your books. Four so quickly! You must be smiling.

  12. Yup, you read that correctly. Grape jelly. Poor hubby isn't allowed to put grape jelly on his toast during the summer. If's for the birds. Yes, I have 4 books on the go, but they weren't written quickly. They are actually on BIG book. My publisher Lea sent me an email when I submitted the 1st book for consideration to ensure the saga would be finished. I'm looking forward to the launch of book 2, 3 and 4, as are my friends :- )

  13. Hi Heather, What an exciting time for you. I love how you said your characters have heart and soul just like you. I'm afraid we writers put a lot of ourselves in characters, eh? Best wishes on your new release and your entire series!!!

  14. Thanks for stopping by JQ.
    A big special thanks to Lorrie for hosting me. I really appreciate it!

  15. The post was fun. You're welcome back any time. And yes, good luck with your series.