Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Woot! I'm a bounty hunter. Never join Well, do so today, and get my audio book, Tales of a Texas Boy, for FREE! I need at least three new signups on who get my book free as one of the first three they purchase from Audible.

The Fine Print: You need to stay on for 61 days. If you do that, my producer and I get to split a bounty fee worth way more than the royalty we give up since the book is free. Oh, yeah. You get another book free on signup too.

Audible is a membership thing which costs  a monthly amount (after you get your first month free) depending on how many books you want per month. You can access it quickly through my book link on Amazon.

Tales of a Texas Boy on Amazon (discounted right now)

Tales of a Texas Boy at Audible

Tales of a Texas Boy at iTunes

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