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For the short story lover in you. An eclectic mix of genres to keep you from being bored.  Get your copy now.

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Hi ho, hi ho,

It's off to self-pubbing I go.

After the expiration of my contracts with my various publishers, I am now entering the scary world of self-publishing.

So, take a gander at my new book cover for Gypsy Crystal. It's now available in Kindle ebook format and print. Makes you want to duck, eh? Soon to be available on Nook and Kobo also.


Everyone has secrets.

Homicide Detective Rita Moldova has a secret, a crystal amulet from her Roma bloodline that allows her to see the last image a victim had seen in their eyes before they died. Now, a ritual killer is terrorizing her town and the crystal’s magic has suddenly stopped doing its job. 

FBI agent, Matt Boulet, is sent to lead the task force and gives the group strange orders. Worse, Rita senses he is holding back a deep, dark secret about the killer. 

When she seeks her seer mother’s advice, she learns another secret about their clan that she finds impossible to swallow. 

Rita swims through a whirlpool of confusion as the investigation continues. Can Rita deny the lore of the ancients? Can she deny her growing feelings for Matt Boulet? 

Another new goodie for you.

Meet Winnie Krapski

 Come and meet Winnie Krapski who hugged a cherry tree during a lightning storm. The bolt slammed her, splitting the tree in half. The near-death experience bestowed her with a gift–one she’d rather not have. She can now see and talk to a dead person's ghost as they lay in a casket in a funeral home.

Drafted into the C.O.D. Club (Call on the Dead) by Fat Phil Phillips, her mission is to grant the newly deceased’s ghost one last reasonable request. Can Winnie honor her oath?

Well, she tries. But, not before she stumbles into situations that almost get her killed. She’s one spunky broad. Follow her adventures in:

The Unwanted Gift

Going in Style

Going to a Doubleheader

Winnie Gets Hijacked

Going on a Sea Cruise

And a Bonus Story of Cora going Splat
Secrets abound. Bullets fly.
Yep, it's Winnie granting another dead person's wish
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Nook and Kobo with carry this one soon.

The newly arrived Mattie Wells sure jingles Sheriff Cole Walker’s spurs with just a smile. He’s determined to court her and to win her hand. But Mattie hides a dark secret and refuses to marry any man. Cole pushes to pry out her reasons and change her mind while harboring a secret of his own.
To win her heart Cole’s forced to put up with an unwanted theivin’ ringtail monkey who thinks Cole is his new BFF just because Mattie thinks Beggar is adorable.

Now understand, Cole is fearless-- except when it comes to critters, ever since his pa’s hound dog left teeth marks on his butt when he was a little tyke.
While under pressure from the Mayor to find and arrest the cattle rustlers causing trouble between the Double J ranch and the farmers and to prevent an all out war, Cole tries to wiggle Mattie’s past out of her. 
 Sheriff Cole chases after Mattie, who steals his heart, a gang that steals JJ’s cattle and Beggar who steals the townspeople’s jewelry.
It's a thrill of a ride!!!
Look for it on Amazon and soon Nook and Kobo.
Come on, and as we all know who said this, "Make my day." Pick up a copy today.
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  1. I really liked this book. I'm also very happy Lorrie now controls her own destiny in regard to pricing and giveaways.

  2. Thanks, Marva. There will be a few more coming out soon. I'm giving this a good shot.

  3. Cool. Like seeing a refresh of this post. You had more news to share.