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 Hi Serena, I'm thrilled to have you on my blog today. Please, make yourself at home and tell us about your books and this time of year.

This time of year, I am filled with feelings of joy, love, and melancholy. I know, they are contrary to each other, but have you ever had that feeling of ‘what if’? I certainly have. Many years ago, I experienced a Christmas not to be forgotten.
 I walked along the snow-covered path hand-in-hand with my fiancé. We were in love. As we strode along, my eyes kept sliding to him. Dressing in his marine dress clothes, he cut a dashing figure and my young heart beat faster just being near.
I shivered. The coat that I wore was warm, but my velvet green dress did little to keep the chill of the night from my legs. I hardly noticed though, it was past dusk and the streetlamps had been turned on casting a warm golden glow on the snow. The nearby lake glistened with moonlight, and no sound other than the lapping of the water intruded on the moment.
Bill and I walked to the end of the pier, and he held me in his arms as we both faced the beautiful scene before us. He leaned down and brushed my neck with his lips, “This is perfect.”
“Yes.” I whispered.
“I don’t want this moment to end.”
“Me either.” My pulse sped up, and I felt his heat sink into me as he held me close.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”
Bill turned me in his arms, and lowered his lips to mine as snow started to fall about us.
I will never forget that Christmas. Much time has past, but each time I remember, feelings of love well up within me. When I write, moments like these are ones I draw on. Moments I know I will never forget. My first kiss, passionate all-encompassing love, desire, moments in time that will never be forgotten.  
I like to take these moments and turn my ‘what if’s’ into tales that lead to happy endings. It’s both healing and fun. What could have happened if that young girl, so in love married her handsome solider? I may never know.
In my newest release, Insidious Whispers, Beth Stark doesn’t let ‘what if’ get in her way. Do you have a ‘what if’? Maybe this year’s resolution will be to find out what might happen. Check out Beth as she struggles with her choices in the Hunter Diaries newest adventure.
Abducted from her quiet life as a New Age store owner, Beth Stark is thrown into a dangerous world of intrigue and magic. Beth’s legacy as Guardian of the Black Tome is to protect the book from those who would seek to use it for dark purposes.

Phoenix, enforcer of the Vampire world, is sent to destroy the Black Tome before Genevieve,  Queen of the Fae, can use it to annihilate the vampire race. Phoenix comes face to face with the tome’s Guardian, but he doesn’t expect the feisty little spitfire to make his blood boil, and his passions rise.

A Hunter Diaries book

Fast-paced and steamy, the Hunter Diaries are based around the adventures of the Wills family, vampire hunters, and their friends.
You can find the other books in the series for sale on Amazon or available for Nook via

About Serena Zane  
Serena Zane is an eclectic author of paranormal romance, sweet romance, and action-adventure romance. She lives with her husband and her son in the Northwest. Balancing her time between writing, time with her family, and crossing swords on the battlefield Serena is never bored.
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  1. Well done, ladies! And a key component of all great stories, I think. What if.....

  2. @Thanks Gail. What if takes us so many places.

  3. This is a romantic series Serena, congratulations. Good luck with sales,

  4. @Debby thank you. I think my favofite would have to be Bite Me in this series because of tye struggle Chloe goes through, but I definitely love all the characters.

  5. Serena, I have to say your series sounds fantastic. I'm so glad you are on my blog today to share them with us. Oh yeah, my E-reader is so filled with TBR books, I hope it doesn't burst. These are definitely going to be included.

    1. Thank you Lorrie. I love romantic paranormals myself, and have my Nook stuffed to the brim with them. I hope you enjoy the Hunter Diaries series. And thank you for having me on your blog.

    2. You're welcome back anytime. Just give me a holler.

  6. Hey Serena! You have lived such a romantic story! It's no wonder you write such romantic stories! Keep 'em Coming!


    1. Lol. When I look back on the things I've done, I have both my joys and my regrets, but you're right in stating they are great to draw from. Bless you.

  7. Ahhh. What a sweet, romantic moment you have to draw from. :) Congratulations on the new release, Serena.

  8. Thanks Laurie. Its hard to think of this moment and not recall the devestating heartbreak that came only months later, but I will always cherish the memory. I feel its important to know or have experienced the emotions that your characters have. Or at least researched well. It enriches any story when there is depth.

  9. Serena, Congrats on the new release. I wish you great success with it.