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Jaydyn Chelcee is a native of Oklahoma. She has traveled extensively in the western half of the United States where she searches for settings for her novels. One of her favorite sites in her contemporary western romances is Montana. She is the author of the best selling Montana Men Series.

In the Arms of Danger, No Holds Barred, Too Hot to Handle/Too Close to the Fire, and Playing for Keeps are available in multi-formats at Secret Cravings Publishing and

Available now from Secret Cravings publishing--WILD, book five and the conclusion of the Montana Men Series.

Also available  from Secret Cravings Publishing: The extended releases of Witch’s Brew, Witch’s Heart, Witch’s Moon,  Witch’s Magic, and Witch’s Fire, of the Winslow Witches of Salem Series written under Tabitha Shay.

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Good Morning Readers,
First let me give Lorrie a big “Thank You” for having me as guest blogger today. It’s always an honor to be here. I’m so excited over my latest release, WILD. Not only is it the conclusion to the Montana Men Series, but this book is very dear to my heart. It’s my favorite in the series. It’s a story about second chances…and don’t we all deserve a second chance when it comes to love? I hope you enjoy the excerpt and be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win a pdf of WILD.

Oh, Jayden, it's so wonderful to have you here today. Gosh, I'm almost gushing like a teenager.
How about a teaser for this last book in your Montana Men Series.

A wild gamble…uneven odds…an assassin’s bullet…

She’d do anything―The only witness to the first lady’s assassination, Jayla Ross is the next target. She flees to Montana to the one man she knows can keep her safe, and save the life of her unborn child―except, she’s the last person he’d ever agree to help…

He’d risk everything―Wild Remington spent five years in prison because of Jayla’s lies, and now, with a bullet in her shoulder, she’s asking him for help―right in time to be trapped in the wilds of Montana in the middle of a blizzard…

Jayla and Wild―two people who have nothing left to lose and perhaps everything to gain…
You really come up with some great names for your characters. I've noticed that in all your books I've read. This one sounds like a real grip you by the throat novel.

Great cover. Yum. How about an excerpt to whet our reading appetite.


“If you’re Wild Remington, I want you.”

He cocked his head to one side. “Guess you found who you’re looking for, ma’am. I’m Wild, but I sure as sweet hell ain’t up for grabs, lady. You can’t have me. Sorry.”

“For Pete’s sake, I didn’t mean it like that,” she said, exasperated. “I meant I want your help.”

“You shot at me. Why would I wanna help you?”

“No reason I can think of,” she admitted, defeated.

Wild thumbed back his hat taking a moment to consider the situation. Nope. He refused to feel sympathy for the woman. Sure, she sounded like a little whipped puppy, but the woman had shot at him! He chewed on his lower lip. Hell, he couldn’t deny something in her voice got to him. “Can you get outta the car?” Wild worked the leather gloves off his fingers and slapped his palms with them. Idiot. He was a certified nutcase.

What was he doing?


He didn’t have to go looking for trouble, it always found him. If he were smart, he’d gather himself up, get back on Rosie, and skedaddle.

“Not until I know for sure it’s you. Come closer.” She wiggled the gun in his general direction. “And move back over this way so I can see you.”

He snorted. “You must think I been grazin’ on loco weed. I come any closer, you’ll shoot me.”

“No, I won’t. But I need to be sure it’s you. I can’t see your face.”

“Ma’am, I’m not standing here in the cold freezing my ass off while you make up your mind if you wanna trust me or not. Nor am I taking one step closer until you lower that gun. I have no problem leaving you here to fend off a hungry mountain lion.”

“Okay. Wait! Don’t go. Answer one question. How many brothers do you have?”


“That doesn’t prove you’re Wild Remington. Anyone who watches the news knows the answer to that question.”

“It was your question, lady. One minute, and I’m outta here.”

“No! Wait! Please. Okay, let me think. Okay, I got one. Who’s the one woman you hate most in the world?”

“What the hell kind of question is that? You’re crazy, woman. You know that?”

“Answer the question.”

“Jayla Ross! She’s a lying bitch.” He was fast getting fed up with her game. Besides, he was freezing his balls off standing here.

“Ah-ha. I knew it!”

“You and me both, lady. What lies did she tell on you?”

“Oh…no, you totally misunderstand.”

Wild frowned. She sounded taken aback.

“I meant I know you hate Jayla Ross,” she said, clarifying her statement.

“And what did it prove?”

“That I know you hate her…er…me, and if you hate me, then you’re Wild Remington.”

He cocked a hip, shaking his head. Somewhere in that muddled-ass mess, he was sure she made perfect sense, he just didn’t know where.

WILD is available at Secret Cravings Publishing.

Be sure to leave a comment, one commenter will be gifted with a PDF copy of WILD from Jaden.





  1. It's such a great pleasure to have you here today. I know you have a few fantastic series going with your Tabitha Shay name, too.

    You have a large fan base who wait with baited breath until you release another of your novels.

    Ahem. I'm one of them.

  2. TY, Lorrie,
    It's always a pleasure to be at your blog site....

  3. Lorrie, thanks for having Jayden/Tabitha on your blog.

    I've been looking forward to this book for a long time. I keep saying that Wild is going to have to go a long way to beat out Danger in my heart -- but if that excerpt is a sample, he's got a chance :) And that cover is hot.

    (full disclosure: I edited some of the Montana Men series in their Moongypsy Press versions, so I know how hard Jayden works at her craft.)

    1. I'm honored to have here here bonniers. I admire her writing and the ideas she comes up with. I love her books.

  4. This sounds like a fascinating story. Dramatic! I love his name and their interaction in this scene.

  5. TY, Bonnie,
    Always glad to "see" you...and yep, you sure did edit some of the MM books and did a great job of it too....Hugs....Tabs

  6. Hi Flossie,
    So glad you dropped by...Wild is my favorite Montana Man...I think perhaps because he's been through so much and had a rougher time of it than his brothers....Thx for taking the time to say hello...

  7. You do come up with some "wild" books, Tabs. Congratulations on your latest release. Wishing you tons of sales.

  8. TY, Paula, for stopping by...and good luck with ur upcoming release...Can't wait to read it...

  9. Hi Jayden (Tabs)!!! I love your books and this one sounds awesome. I love anything with babies in it, it just touches something in my heart. I know I have told you before but your witch series is the bomb, lol

    Happy Holidays,
    brandyzbooks at yahoo dot com

    1. TY, Brandy,
      So glad you like the witches and TY so much for dropping by...Hugs...Jaydyn/Tabs

  10. I'm pleased to announce that Flossie's name was the one drawn out of the cowboy hat...congrats, Flossie and I hope you enjoy your copy of WILD...Thx everyone for dropping by and playing...Jaydyn

    1. Congratualions, Flossie,

      And thank you so much for being on my blog Tab's. Please come back soon.