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 “Writing About Love”
Everyone has a different idea of what Love is, especially romantic love. Relationships are as complex as the individuals involved in them. As a writer I find portraying love and romance to be one of my greatest challenges. This is a subject matter that practically anyone can relate to, but again, everyone expresses, perceives, and receives love differently.
In my self-published spiritual fantasy entitled Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel, romance plays a secondary role to the major conflict of the book, but it’s still very important for the overall story and the development of the characters. In this story, my character Giovanni is so detached from people and social norms that the idea of love and romance seem foreign to him. In essence, it is the willing burden of my character Mira, to teach Giovanni about love, and boy does she.
I’d like to tell all my readers and viewers of this article that love triumphs in the end, but it’s not always that simple. Most people expect for there to be a happy ending when love prevails, but not in my series. In my soon to be released sequel, Eternal Curse: Battleground, I show example upon example of how love can truly triumph over all, but it doesn’t necessarily come with happy endings.
I guess you could say that in my Eternal Curse Series I write about tragic love. This this the kind of stuff the Greeks and Romans adored, but let’s face it, in today’s world, everyone’s hoping for a happy ending. I’m not morbid and can actually be quite romantic myself, despite being a tomboy most my life, so when I do write a tragic love story, I always make a point to end with a glimmer of hope or silver lining.
Fantasy is my genre, it’s what I know best, but I’m ambitious and enamored by those who write romance so passionately and realistically. My current work in progress, a story outside of my Eternal Curse Series entitled It’s Like the Full Moon, is my first attempt at writing a full-length contemporary fiction story with an emphasis on romance. So many times I’ve watched and read stories that weren’t necessarily romances, but had romance in them and have thought that things would have or should have gone differently.
In It’s Like a Full Moon, I explore the complexities of romance from multiple generations. While my main characters are all relatively young and attractive, it’s the supportive characters and their wisdom that really bring home the meaning and message of love. I read quite a bit, but I don’t read much romance, but being the movie buff that I am, I’ve seen lots of romances. For my first attempt at a romantic novel I received inspiration from such films as, Moonstruck, A Room with a View, and Only You.
I admire the work of Jane Austen, Nora Roberts, and Nicholas Sparks, but I don’t dare strive for their acclaim. I’m a fantasy writer, I know that, but for just a little while I’m venturing into the world of romance. As a writer, I’m very young and have so much room to grow. I look forward to all the challenges ahead and all the love stories that have yet to be told.
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My name is Toi Thomas and I’m a big kid. I love movies, comic books, reading, music, cooking, and painting though I’m no good at it. To learn more about me and my writing, visit me at the following:

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    Your work sounds very compelling, and your characters seem very rich with spirit, intelligence, and realism. I wish you nothing but the best for your literary journey!


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      Scott, thank you so much for your kind words.