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KARA LEIGH MILLER--Do opposites really attract?

Welcome back, Kara.

Have a seat, settle back, and tell us, do opposites really attract one another. Now you have me curious.

Do Opposites Really Attract?
Kara Leigh Miller
 The old saying "opposites attract" is often thrown around when we see two people together who are clearly mismatched. It's an easy explanation for something we can't, or don't want to understand. But, is there any truth in it? Do opposites really attract?
My husband and I are opposites. He's the outdoor, "let's keep busy doing stuff" type of guy while I'm a "let's stay inside and write" kind of girl. He enjoys watching the History channel and I like FearNet. He likes chick flicks and I like blood and guts. He prefers to go out to dinner and play cards with friends. I prefer to go to a noisy bar, have a few drinks, and listen to a band. We're clearly opposites, but for us it works. We've been together for almost ten years now and I don't see an end in sight.
Writing opposites in fiction is a ton of fun. It creates a level of tension that keeps the pages turning and it offers opportunities for some humor.
In my book, Love at the Edge (The Aurora Island Resort Series #3), Vince and Krysta are opposites. Vince is a laid-back, easy going playboy who loves to have a different woman each night, often times sharing his women with other women and men. Krysta is a strict one-man woman. But they both have the hots for each other. Sparks fly and they both find themselves wondering who will be the one to change their ways so they can be together.
Take a look...
My shift at Edge started in an hour, and I had to get things ready before the doors opened. I turned up the radio and sang along to Miranda Lambert’s “Fastest Girl in Town.” Edge only played the newest, hottest dance music, and that was okay. I liked it well enough, but I still had a soft spot for a good, upbeat country song. I sang along, my hips twisting to the beat.
“Sonofabitch.” Vince’s voice was a low rumble behind me.
I smiled. Chances were, Vince would have one hand on his hip, the other pinching the bridge of his nose, and he’d be staring at the floor, his breathing shallow and controlled, his nostrils flaring slightly. That’s what Vince did when he was annoyed. Oddly enough, he’d done it earlier today during the staff meeting, right after I licked my lips. Now why would that annoy him? I slowly counted to five before turning around. Bingo! “Hi, Vince.”

“Why do you insist on listening to that crap?” he asked, releasing his nose and looking up at me.
“Someone’s a little grumpy today,” I said. Vince was always telling me I was ”too damn happy” all the time. What woman wouldn’t be happy working with a man that had raw sexuality radiating from his eyes? A man who could elicit an orgasm with nothing more than a tilt of his head as he raked his gaze over your body? A man whose rich, husky voice could reach inside you and caress your innermost desires? Okay, so my little crush on Vince had morphed into full-blown lust. I wouldn’t apologize for wanting him. Too bad for me, though, he’d never given me a second look.
“I’m not grumpy,” he said, taking a piece of hard candy from his pocket, peeling off the wrapper and popping it in his mouth.
That was another Vince-ism, as I’ve come to call them. When Vince was sexually frustrated, or was going through a dry spell, he’d suck on butterscotch candy. On more than one occasion I’d considered offering to help ease his frustration, but I feared he’d laugh at me, and I did have my self-respect. I wasn’t his type. Vince liked busty blondes with long legs and minimal brain cells. I was more like the girl next door. My breasts were an average B cup, my hair was red, not blond, and I had an abundance of brain cells. I did, however, have the long legs. In fact, my legs were fabulous—they were a dancer’s legs. Long, muscular yet lean, toned, and super flexible.
The fact that I knew what every one of Vince’s mannerisms meant did not make me pathetic. It made me observant. “The club doesn’t open for another hour,” I said. Vince didn’t normally arrive until moments before the doors swung open.
“Yeah, there’s something I need to tell you.”
Want to know what he told her?
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  1. While I agree that opposites do attract, I think for the most part they don't work in the long run, because it is our similarities that bind us together. Opposites have to work harder to make it work. Or perhaps they have similarities that lie beneath the surface too, so perhaps they aren't the polar opposites they might appear to be.

    Interesting blog post, Kara, best of luck with your new release!

    1. Hi, Julie! Thanks for stopping by and for the good luck wishes =) I suppose extreme opposites couldn't withstand the test of time, but I've heard and read that sometimes a person will seek out an opposite mate because that mate is everything they want to be or wish they could be, but for various reasons aren't. I find the psychology behind it all to be really fascinating.

  2. Hi Kara, so nice of you to visit my blog again.

    Do opposites attract? I have to agree with Julie. *Hi Julie, Lorrie waves from her couch, still recovering from the flu.*

    It takes special people, maybe a special love, to make the opposites work. Most times, in my experience from watching other couples, opposites do their own thing and don't spend enough time together forming true bonds, friendship, and the ability to be interestedd in what the other does.

    I'm rambling. lol. Blame it on the flu.

    1. Thanks for having me again, Lorrie. It's becoming like a second home around here ;) lol. I agree that opposites who do their own thing and don't spend enough time together are doomed, but that is true with any couple, opposites or not. Maybe that's why things work so well for me and my husband. We have our own individual interests that allow us to have some apart time, but then we have time together as well. We've learned to be very good at compromising.

  3. Interesting post! Loved the excerpt :) I'm always curious about opposites attracting--it does seem a bit more challenging. But, there is something to be said for complementing each others interests well. And I think standing on common ground on the important stuff--not just what you like to do in the evenings, it where it matters!

  4. Yes, I think opposites attract, but there needs to be some similarities as well. Good excerpt. Congratulations and best of luck with your novel.