Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Good morning Lorrie and thanks so much for letting me visit with you today.  Please don’t mind the scowl on this young man’s face that I have with me today.  Deep down he is thrilled to be here.
Hmm. Are you sure? Cute kid but he does seem a little reluctant. We'll have to treat him to a banana split after. And you, Penny, it's delightful to have you here.

Lorrie, and everybody, this is Jim Abernathy.  He is a seventh grader in Miss Wickware’s  history class and she assured me that young Jim, here, would be a wonderful guest  As I write for the middle grade age group, I’m trying to figure out the likes and dislikes of some of these kids in school. Luckily, Miss Wickware volunteered Jim.
Good luck, Penny. Come on Jim, give a smile. Please. There you go.

So let’s get started. 
“Jim,  how long have you been attending Landon Middle School?”
 “Just moved here.”
 “Oh, how nice.  Are you liking our town of Phoenix?”
 “Well, what about your school mates?  Have you made many friends?”
 “They’re all geeks.”
 “I see.  Well, I understand you just had a report due on a subject that you drew from a box.  Tell us about that………………Jim, are you okay?  You have turned a little pale.”
 “I’m fine.  Yea, there was a report due.  Stupid assignment.”
 “Well, who did you draw?”
 “Sylvia Ludington.”
 “I’m not familiar with her.  Did you know who that was?”
 “Not until I met her in the flesh?”
 “Pardon me.  You, uhm, met her?”
 “I had to stay after school, cause old lady Wickware didn’t like my attitude.  She got all weird and when I ran out of the classroom, I was in a forest, with no school in sight!”
 “Come again….”
 “Yea, and the next thing I know, this Sylvia chick, is shaking my shoulder.  Said, I had fainted, which is a complete lie. 
 “Well, Jim, that sounds…”
 “I know how it sounds and I’m not talking about it anymore.  I know what Miss Wickware is capable of and I’m not going to be her target ever again!  This interview is over!”
 Well, uhm, Lorrie.  I guess we are done here.  Thanks so much for having me.  Also, I read Jim’s report.  There is a whole lot more to this story! 
I guess one banana split is coming up. Yes, yes, Penny, you can have one too. Yeesh!

I'd love to hear the rest of the story. Now that you two have engulfed the treat, will you tell me how I can find out the rest of the story, pleeeeese.

Okay, so you want to give us a little more teasing first. Go ahead.


           The girl stood and took a few steps back.  Her eyes held a look of wariness but there was concern in her voice.  “Please, you may have hurt yourself when you fainted.  Maybe you shouldn’t be dancing around.”

  “I’m not dancing around.  What the heck is happening…”  He stopped talking and his head snapped back around to her.  “Faint!  I didn’t faint!  Only sissies faint!”

 Her eyebrows arched.  “Really?  Well I was walking right over there and I watched you…faint!”  She turned on her heal and walked away.  Her dark hair hung just above her waist and swayed with each indignant step

 “Hey,” he ran after her.  “Don’t get your panties in a bunch.”

 She turned to him, her eyes wide.  “I will have you know my …my undergarments are perfect fine.  How dare you…”

  “Whoa, whoa,” Jim said holding his hands up, “it’s just a saying.  It means don’t flip out.”

  “Flip out?” Her green eyes crinkled with amusement.

 “Yea, you know, take it down a notch.”

 She started off again but the steam was gone.  “You are an odd boy…what is your name?”

  “Jim…Jim Abernathy.”

  “I am Sybil Ludington.”

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  1. Thanks for having me as a guest Lorrie. You are a fabulous hostess! You have a wonderful site!

    1. My pleasure to host you both today. Yep, Jim is a handful, but he's really a nice kid at heart.

  2. That was a hilarious interview! What fun! Your deal sounds really good.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Suzanne.....You are such a supportive friend! I sure hope you like it.


  4. We really enjoyed this imaginative visit, the excerpt . . . and of course young Jim is a handful!

    Best of success to you, Penny. You have the talent and the enthusiasm to entertain whole generations of middle graders.

    ~Bil and Bon

    1. What wonderful words! Thanks so much for stopping by...


  5. Great idea. Kids say it like it is. Best of luck with your novel
    Heather Greenis - Natasha's Dream

  6. I got a kick out of Billy Cooper's story. It gave me the impression that Miss Wickware is either every kid's worst nightmare or the most awesome teacher on earth.

    Fun series, Penny. I'm glad to hear there are more coming out.

  7. I enjoyed the chat with Jim. He sounds like quite a character. Best of luck with your series, they sound like very good books.

  8. Loved your fun interview. Jim seems like quite the character, Penny!

  9. I surely do appreciate all the comments from everybody. Thanks for checking it out!


  10. Very entertaining visit, Jim's attitude reminds me of several children I know. Hate to be singled out for attention by the teacher. Well done Penny, lovely interview.

    1. Thanks Sue. First time I have tried something like this. Appreciate you stopping by.