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                                        Happily Ever After Blog!

           Throughout history vampires have held a fascination for both women and men. Legends have been made from Dracula to Twilight and many others. One thing remains constant. Through each story there is that one person that draws the vampire, the one that will either bring about their destruction or their eternal salvation.

          It’s not too strange when you think that there are not that many Happily Ever After vampire stories. Dracula may have had his brides, but they all got staked in the end. Vampire Diaries is a never-ending tale of a love triangle gone sadly wrong, and we read about one vamp after another being portrayed as the morose lonely vamp longing for companionship yet never finding it. Sad. But since this is a happily ever after blog, I am supposed to share a story that does end in happily ever after. One of my all time favorite books is Crimson City by Liz Maverick. I could read this book over and over again. It has it all: love, despair, passion, action, danger, intrigue…etc, plus an undeniable love affair that overcomes all odds. Fleur Dumont finds herself as the leader of the vampires in a war-torn world, and at the same time falls in love with the man/machine that killed her brothers, yet spared her. A mech. Beyond all hope, they end up in each other’s arms. I won’t spoil it for you, but needless to say, it is epic.

          “Happily ever after” is a concept that is prevalent in all romances, and I think that is perhaps why I love paranormal romance above all other types of paranormal reading material. You always get that happy ending, no matter what.

          In celebration of Happily Ever Afters, if you leave a comment telling us about your own favorite Happily Ever After, or even one that happened to you – you will receive a free copy of Bite Me where Chloe Wills learns that maybe there is a happy ending for her after all. May you all be blessed with your own story.


Duty, family, loyalties, and passion ...when your life is placed on the line which comes first? In rainy Seattle, Washington the Wills family and their friends must choose between family obligation and love. Will they be able to push prejudice aside and overcome seemingly insurmountable odds? Danger shadows their every step as they learn that good and evil is not all black and white.
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Serena Zane is a best-selling eclectic author who writes Paranormal Romance, Action/adventure Romance, and Sweet Romance. She lives with her husband and son in the Northwest. She works hard at her full-time job, plays hard, and spends her time studying the Middle Ages, crossing swords on the battlefield in a re-creationist organization called the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc (SCA); and writing.
Zane broke into the writing scene with her best-selling short stories published through Books To Go Now. Her latest release, The Hunter Diaries anthology, is a compilation of four of her shorts and is out in both print and eBook.
Inspired by her mother, a strong independent woman who loves to help others, Zane writes strong female leads and hot alpha males with sizzling fast-paced plotlines.
In 2009, she became a member of Romance Writer’s of America, and is currently the secretary and web minister of the Olympia, Washington Chapter.  
Zane won the Lucy Monroe Award in 2011 for her accomplishments as an author through her RWA chapter. Always an author, she laughs as she recalls her first story (written in kindergarten) entitled “My First Romance Novel” on construction paper in purple and pink. She fell in love with the idea of writing a contemporary action/adventure romance while she attended college to study Criminal Justice and she combined both her knowledge of Criminal Justice and her love for all things paranormal.
Her series include: The Hunter Diaries, The Dark Warrior series, & The Jewel series. Zane has also released three Sweet Romance shorts, which are based around her adventures in the SCA.
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