Friday, November 15, 2013


Amazon, in it's continuing quest to conquer and own the entire publishing business of the world, has offered a new way for customers to get a twofer deal. Matchbook allows a customer to buy the print edition of a book and get the ebook anywhere from free to $2.99. Here are the links to my special Matchbook offers. The first link is to the ebook. The second link is to the print edition(s).

Keep your eyes peeled for the Matchbook text on the book product pages. You might be able to buy someone that print book they'd like and snag the ebook for yourself absolutely free.

Buy the print book and get the ebook FREE:



  1. Thanks for letting me get this great deal out to the people, Lorrie.

    If folks sign-in to their Amazon accounts, they'll see something about the Matchbook deal on many of the product pages. Just go to one of my links listed above where they haven't bought either print or ebook to check it out. Click on the Help (or More or ?? button). On the explanatory page, the reader can click on a button to show them print books they've already purchased where they can now get the ebook for the free or really reduced ebook. I had a couple of big names on my list. You might have a bargain waiting for you that you didn't even know about.

  2. There are some great deals. I'm glad you told us about it.