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Hi Heather, and welcome to my blog this great month of November. Enjoy our crisp weather and the smell of spices in the house.

Yes, Thanksgiving is fast approaching so sit back, relax, and have a glass of warm cider. 

Let's talk about your book and let's learn more about Angel. 

-Excerpt from Angel's Code- 

Angel’s Code is an exciting romp through the seedy world of cyber crime.  Based in London, the story revolves around Danny Murray and his introduction into the hacker lifestyle.

Danny is a young, bored web design student at Birkbeck College, who dreams of becoming more than just an IT guy.  He wants to make a mark on the world, and releases a prank virus, attracting the attention of internationally renown hacker, “The Fallen Angel.”

       Angel agrees to teach the young Danny the ways of the hacker, but his online skills are not the ones in need of refining. 

       The only setback Danny has is his older brother, Oliver Murray, who has just been promoted head inspector of the cyber crime division for London’s Metropolitan Police.  Oliver feels it is his main duty to keep Danny away from the mysterious, and dangerous Angel.

However, when the tables are turned and Oliver is the one in need of rescuing, will the skills Danny learned from Angel be enough to save his brother from Cyber Terrorist Ahmed Eid?

Today I'd like to introduce you to the last of the characters, The Fallen Angel.
       Angel is a master of disguise, even her protégé Danny doesn't know what she really looks like.  With wigs, contacts, and her extensive knowledge of human behavior, she is able to blend into any situation.  Also get out of trouble.  Angel is athletic and well versed in parkour - a combination of gymnastics and running. (Think Ninja)
Angel doesn't allow many into her inner circle, but with the influx of wannabe hackers, she brings in the brilliant Danny to help her fight the more dangerous cyber criminals.  She and Oliver do not see eye to eye, though they are fighting for the same cause, though there is something about Oliver Angel cannot leave alone.  The feeling is mutual for Oliver.
What can I say about Angel, she's loosely - and I mean like two sizes too big loose - based after me. (In a previous life I worked for the Navy as an intelligence analyst.)
 No, in reality Angel is who I want to be.  Cool under pressure, smart, mysterious.  I suppose you can say she was also inspired on Lisabeth Salander from The Millenium Series by Steg Larson.  Except there are some big differences between Angel and Lisabeth.  First of all, she's not a lesbian - or bi-sexual or whatever Lisabeth was, which was part of her wound - confusing sex and love.
Angel is not as messed up as Lisabeth.  I wanted to create a character who was strong not because she was abused, but because she had made mistakes and learned from them.  I think there is a lack of that in heroines today.  Can't women just be strong?  Angel is also human, I wanted to stress that near the end of the story.  Sure she's tough on Danny, almost to the point of being sadistic, but she softens as you get to know her.
I also didn't want to reveal too much about her past.  Her memory about going to her funeral is just a glimpse into her psyche, why she is the way she is.  Like Oliver, Angel's backstory comes into focus more in the second book, Angel's Betrayal, which should be out sometime this winter.
Thank you to those who have followed my blog hop. If you would like to read more on the Characters of Angel's Code, you can find them on these blogs hosted by Amber Dalton and Janette Harjo, and also the beginning on my blog.
H. A. Somerled lives in the Missoula, Montana area. After an uneventful tour in the U.S. Navy, she followed her passions and enrolled in Culinary School. She graduated from the Colorado Institute of Art and has also completed a writing course from the Long Ridge Writer's Group.  This is her first published work.
She has two dogs, a puggle named Fritter and a pug named Flapjack.  She considers herself lucky to be single and claims she's half the age she really is.
Thank you Lorrie for hosting me.
Well, what do you think, folks? Angel seems to be quite the character. As you know, we love comments. Please leave one for Heather today to let her know you dropped by to learn about her character.


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  1. This is a very topical subject today what with NSA revelations and the use of hacker spying going on today. Congratulations and good luck on the start of your new series.